Watching The Nut Job 2014

hr_The_Nut_Job_1  Do you have any movies to watch online at the beginning of 2014? Are you going to find an interesting movie to enjoy with your kids, family or friends? The Nut Job is really an ideal choice at this time. This movie is a 3D animated comedy movie which is guessed to be a blockbuster in 2014. The Nut Job tells about Surly’s adventure with his friends.

Surly is a curmudgeon and independent squirrel. He often makes a lot of troubles in his park. At the same time, he also gets his friends into trouble.

One day, the most terrible thing happens in his park. Once again, nobody but Surly creates this thing. Everybody is preparing their food for the next winter. In order to show that he is a quick and intelligent squirrel who can do everything, by chance, he fires a food store for the next winter. As a result, he is banished from his park and forced to survive in the city. In order to correct his big mistake, Surly and his friends go to city to find chestnuts at many grocery shops. By chance, they discover a big store with many chestnuts in a shop. He decides to steal these chestnuts to save his life and the rest of park communityHowever, stealing all chestnuts is not a simple task because they must fight against a cruel dog and there are many dangerous mouse-traps available. Surly and his friends together set up a perfect plan to take all chestnuts to their park as food reserve for the coming winter.

Will their plan be successful? How will they do to defeat the dog and deal with all traps? In order to answer these questions very quickly, please watch The Nut Job online free now.

With an attractive content, lovely episodes and amazing 3D effects, The Nut Job surely becomes one of the most interesting movies at the beginning of 2014 which can attract a lot of people, especially children.


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